Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Rose Study - Cool light


  On Tuesdays it's dollar roses at Central Market.  I've made that an informal tradition for a couple of years now (I don't go every Tuesday but I think about it).  I generally prefer the bigger roses.  The ones they sell in a bunch are the smaller buds.
   I didn't start painting these roses until today. I woke up at 7am and made coffee.  The cat actually wakes me up by walking over me and jumping off the bed, making a loud "thud". Then once I'm up she wants her treats and if it's cold I have to hold her.
  Once I got in my studio, I looked at the setup and chose an aqua green light.  Two hours later I wiped the painting away because I could not recreate that color on my pallet.  Sure I should have seen that in the beginning but I thought I could get away with it if the values were correct. So, what I was painting was not exactly what I was seeing.  I then switched to a soft cool white light. After that the painting went a lot easier.

  Mine are in there somewhere.

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