Friday, April 1, 2016

Cincinnati Radishes


If I'm going to paint vegetables or fruit (rarely together), I'll probably visit Central Market in Alamo Heights.  They keep their produce in a more fresh from the farm state.  As I walked around, a purple colored bunch of radishes caught my eye.  I said to myself "that might make a great addition to a still life".  Hours later, in my studio, I placed them next to the copper bowl and it looked a bit contrived.  Instead, I picked them up and let them fall naturally.  Then I placed the bowl where I wanted it.  

This was taken as I was blocking in the darks and drawing out the composition.

Now I've got everything blocked in.  I did my first hard edge on the bottom of the lower middle raddish. 

I took this picture so I'd remember the exact name of the vegetable I bought.

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